Nutritional Supplementation

Proactive Wellness Centers offers several product lines that work together as part of our prescribed treatment programs to enhance and optimize each of our patient's overall wellness. We recommend multiple product lines, each targeted at specific areas of needs that our patients have. Dr. Lawson feels comfortable recommending these products as she is both an avid consumer of many of the products and an avid researcher of the products for safety and efficacy. Our recommended product lines are listed and described below.

Do you really need nutritional supplements?The quality and nutritional value of the foods that we eat has been significantly compromised by many different factors. For example, crops are typically grown in nutritionally depleted soil, fruits and vegetables are frequently picked too early and then shipped long distances and toxic sprays and chemicals are sprayed on crops to prevent insect damage. All of these realities have a negative impact upon the nutritional content that we get from food alone. Another sad state of affairs is that most of us have become so busy with life that many times a home cooked meal rarely occurs in many households in the United States. Americans have resorted to consuming fast foods and highly processed foods in the way of boxed dinners, thus not eating foods with high nutritional quality.

Further, patients must become educated about what we can do to implement healthy lifestyles into their daily regimens, and it is obvious that it is nearly impossible to meet all nutritional requirements by diet alone. Recent documentation published by The Health Awareness Foundation stated that in a large 26,000 person study it was concluded that "not one person received the nutritional requirements set forth by the RDA" (Recommended Daily Allowance). The publication goes on to establish that 96% of the US population dies of a disease, and that we are NOT getting proper nutrition. The medical community has been somewhat divided in the past on this issue, but recently the American Medical Association (a very conservative organization), released a very strong statement that says, "Insufficient vitamin intake is apparently a cause of chronic diseases; Most people do not consume an optimal amount of all vitamins by diet alone. Pending strong evidence of effectiveness from randomized trials, it appears prudent for all adults to take vitamin supplements."

It is important to note that quality counts tremendously, and all nutritional supplements are not the same. Some, actually a few, are manufactured to high stands of quality and follow pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing standards, while others follow the minimum standards prescribed by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). These standards are geared towards food products and don't set the bar very high for nutritional supplements. The reality is that it is extremely important to take good quality supplements because "low cost" nutritional supplements do not provide sufficient quantity and quality of highly bioavailable nutrition that is needed in most cases.

Dr.Lawson has done extensive research on how a nutritional company should be evaluated, and currently we are recommending products manufactured by ProThera, Metagenics, DesignsForHealth, Xymogen and CustomVite. CustomVite is our chosen manufacturer for our patients that need and want to subscribe to a customized pharamaceutical-grade nutritional supplement program. For most patients, our line of Proactive Essentials and EssentialsPLUS made by Prothera, Inc, provides a good, high quality, pharmaceutical-grade supplement program that will help them to affordably achieve optimal health.