Metabolic Rejuvenation Program Eating Plans

The Metablic Rejuvenation Program provides each patient with sample eating plans that are tailored to his/her physiology and lifestyle along with specific guidance for patients on aggressive weight loss programs. All of our programs include recommendations for eating whole and organic foods as much as possible that are balanced with the proper ratios of proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats.

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Success Stories

Doctor's Note
Patient was experiencing weight gain despite healthy eating habits, high blood pressure and symptoms of menopause. Lab results revealed very low Vitamin D levels, low reproductive hormone levels and suboptimal thyroid hormone levels. Patient was treated with bioidentical hormone replacement, thyroid hormone replacement, aggressive Vitamin D replacement therapy and a medication to stimulate healthy weight loss.
Patient Response
Everywhere I go now my friends and people that have not seen me in a while are commenting on the 'new me'...I am now being called skinny, thin and wow you look marvelous. They are just amazed at how good I look. My husband even refers to me as skinny and he wants to keep me close to him constantly

RE - Alexandria, VA